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TCS Integration

10+ Built-in Integrations with TCS Parcel Tracking for Your Customers

Ship better and faster now with direct TCS integration. Get started with any of our economical packages!


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TCS Integration & Shipping

Sync your delivery statuses in real-time with TCS courier, fulfill orders faster, and drive more 5 star reviews.

TCS Integration Key Features

Seamless TCS Integration

Ship orders from every sales channel with TCS, you can connect your existing TCS account into Asaan Retail and start shipping orders right away.

One place for all your orders

CSV uploads are wasting your time and impacting your productivity? Worry no more as Asaan Retail handles everything automatically on a single platform.

Approved TCS integration

Asaan Retail is proud to be an approved TCS integration partner, working closely with TCS to provide the best experience for your customers everywhere.

Asaan Retail

TCS Shipping Management Simplified

Ship every order from any sales channel with TCS. Take complete control of the TCS shipping process including parcel booking, documents printing, parcel tracking, and status syncing.

Reasons Retailers Love our TCS Integration

Create single and bulk bookings

With our all-in-one shipping software, you can also create bulk parcel bookings with TCS in a single go.

Bulk print shipping labels

Print 10s and 100s of shipping labels and order invoices with TCS API integration in very simple steps from our easy-to-use multichannel commerce platform.

Automatically mark orders as “Shipped”

Whenever parcels are dispatched from your warehouse and received at the TCS warehouse, they can be marked as shipped via our TCS integration.

Update Delivery Statuses

Stay updated with your parcel’s delivery status. No need to manually mark orders as delivered now since our user friendly shipping software can sync order statuses directly with TCS.

TCS Payments Tracking

Keep track of TCS payouts against your orders so that you never miss out on any payment information.

TCS Order Tracking

Your customers can also track their TCS orders directly from our shipping software without having to manually ask for it or go to the courier’s website for tracking.

Returns and Failed Deliveries

Asaan Retail lets you manage returns and failed delivery orders in one place using in-built order workflows. You can restock items in inventory and process refunds whenever an order is returned.

Shipping management software

Asaan Retail takes care of your whole shipping cycle with its TCS Integration so that you deliver your customer the best experience

“Seamlessly integrates with my TCS accounts for bulk bookings & real-time tracking”

Being able to book TCS courier from Asaan Retail & the ability to bulk print our shipping labels has saved us so much time and effort, we seriously didn’t realise how time-consuming the task of manually writing labels could be until we started using Asaan Retail, and now we won’t go back.




Asaan retail

Your inventory, fulfillment, and accounting from Rs. 3999 per month

Stay ahead from your competitors with the power of multiple platforms in one. Manage inventory, fulfill orders, ship, and report all from one dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can connect as many different shipping providers to Asaan Retail as you like. We directly integrate with most of Pakistan’s leading carriers including Leopards, M&P, Trax, BlueEx, Call Courier etc – a full list is available here. 

Yes, you can easily print hundreds of TCS shipping labels from Asaan Retail in seconds. This, combined with a lot of other features allows you to quickly pick, pack, and ship orders to increase your fulfillment efficiency.

Yes, an email is sent to your customer from Asaan Retail’s platform whenever an order gets shipped with the TCS courier. It contains the tracking URL, which they can click to track the status of their order from your store. Save time for both you and your customers, eliminating all manual communication.

You must have an active account with TCS courier and API details to connect it with your Asaan Retail app. The integration will take a few seconds if you have these things ready.