Centralized Inventory and Accounting for Online Businesses!

Integrate with Daraz, Shopify, Woocommerce, and Courier Services. Manage Invoices, Inventory and Accounting all from one place.

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Automatically Sync Stock to your Online Stores

Our E-commerce integrations makes sure that stock remains updated on your Shopify, Woocommerce, and Daraz stores. Forget about out of stock cancellations. From fulfillment of orders to reconciliation of payments with courier companies and marketplaces, we've got everything covered.

Manage Inventory

With Asaan Retail point of sale, you can keep your Daraz store and website updated with your ongoing counter sales, and all that in real time so you never miss out on sales.

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Manage Price Changes

Troubled about frequent price fluctuations? trouble no more since our algorithms now empower you to detect and send real time price updates to your Daraz store so you can stay on top of your business.

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Get Profit Reports

Don't know how much you earn from your sales channels? Now keep a track of every single rupee with our business insights and reporting module and learn to make better decisions.

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A Digital ERP tailored for SMEs


Works Offline and Online

Internet connectivity issues? No issue. With Asaan Retail, you'd not be lost if internet goes out, our POS works in offline mode as well to keep the ball rolling.


Looking for FIFO, LIFO, Moving Average, Manual Tagging?

Our sales module works according to your needs. It can be configured according to how much detail you want in your invoices and gets the job done.


Sell in Mutiple UOMs and at Multiple Locations

Sell in upto 3 units of measurements and manage multiple locations efficiently with stock transfers b/w locations and much more.


Want to Manage a Warehouse or Outlet using Barcodes?

Budget constraints should not stop you. Asaan Retail offers reliable and cost-saving packages that'll transform the way you manage your stock.

Your business accountant!

For Those Willing to Achieve More
You may occasionaly need to ask your accountant to get you business reports, we've got you covered. We took into consideration multiple business cases and came up with some specific reports in our point of sale software that you'd love to see. They're beautiful and obviously would allow you to make better business decisions. Find more...

Streamline your business operations

Asaan Digital Retail is a Digital ERP with POS software that is especially designed for managing your sales through multiple channels. It helps you manage the inventory, cash and credit sales, customers and suppliers ledgers, payables and receivables, and much more.

Inventory Barcoding

Asaan Retail point of sale software empowers you to manage your inventory more effectively by barcoding your inventory using custom/branded labels.


Delivery Labels Printing

With Asaan Retail point of sale system, it is now easy to print shipping labels that helps you to make quick sales/returns by just scanning items at the counter.


Bulk Invoice/Returns

Everyone's in a hurry, so might be you! Our system is thus capable of generating bulk invoices and returns using barcode scanners to save you time and money.


Bulk Stock Updates

Keep your stock up to date using our bulk product creation/updation features, because we understand that time is money.