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Upscale your business further and faster with Asaan Retail

Seamlessly integrate all of your sales channels and warehouses in our all-in-one software

Daraz Inventory Management

Take complete control of your Daraz inventory and keep your stock level in check all the time with real-time data sync. Get alerts when stock levels are low to avoid out-of-stock situations. Boost your profits by optimizing inventory management from Asaan Retail. No more overselling & backorders.

Manage Daraz orders without Daraz Seller Center

Manage your Daraz orders via Asaan Retail without logging in to the Seller Center separately. Instead, all orders remain in one place, i.e. ‘Asaan Retail’ for a unified inventory view.

Import Daraz payouts in our accounting software

In the distance of just a click, you can easily import your Daraz payouts in Asaan Retail for a full picture of profitability. Our all-in-one accounting software provides in-built Daraz integration to keep track of payments from Daraz.

Asaan retail
Asaan retail

Conveniently Ship Daraz Orders

Automatically keep track of your Daraz orders, no matter how many you have.

Print shipping labels and invoices

Easily print 100s of shipping labels and invoices in one go with our all-in-one Daraz Integration software; and that too without having to log-in into Daraz Seller Center!

Mark as ‘Ready to Ship’

With our Daraz Integration, you can manage your Daraz orders completely from start to end, track their progress, record payments, and even handle returns.

Track delivery statuses, payments, and returns

Track all your shipments, returns, and payouts against Daraz orders in Asaan Retail.

Daraz Integration Features

Connect to Multiple Daraz Stores

We've designed our retail store management system to help you connect to your multiple Daraz stores, so inventory remains synced between multiple stores.

Inventory sync

With Asaan Retail, your inventory remains synced across all sales channels, including the Daraz store(s).

Prices sync

Keep your sales channels, including the Daraz store, updated with the latest selling prices of products.

Orders import

Have tens and hundreds of daily orders? Can you handle it in within seconds? Our retail management software can do it by pulling orders right from your Daraz Seller Center!

Order status sync

Asaan Retail updates all relevant sales channels as soon as you ship or complete an order. So there’s no need to log into various platforms to keep everything aligned

Payments API integration

Don't know how much you earn on your orders? Too much hassle to do the complex accounting right? Our accounting software will help you to directly calculate profitability from Daraz payment API integration

100% cloud-based

Access Asaan Retail’s cloud-based Daraz store management software from anywhere and anytime - you just need an internet connection!

View detailed analytics

Run inventory, sales, fulfillment, and accounting reports over any given time period to gain actionable insights that help make more informed decisions

“Powerful integrations & automations for Daraz stores”

Asaan Retail has a very impressive system – easy to use & automated inventory syncs are amazing. We have been using it for processing our orders, managing and syncing our orders and inventories across our sales channels, and for printing our shipping labels in bulk (which is a huge time-saver!).

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Asaan retail

Your inventory, fulfillment, & accounting software from Rs.3999 per month ONLY

Stay ahead from your competitors with the power of multiple platform management in one. Manage inventory, fulfill orders, ship, and report all from one tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of Daraz software out there – all differently suited depending on the needs of individual businesses. So the best Daraz inventory management software is whichever fits into your operation easily.

Asaan Retail is best for growing and established online retailers selling on Daraz, plus on multiple other channels. Our all-in-one solution handles both shipping and inventory in one platform, so you won’t be paying to connect two (or more) systems together with several different logins and touchpoints.

Asaan Retail is designed to handle a high volume of orders and inventory in a single, cloud-based login area. Connect multiple Daraz stores, eCommerce platforms, and marketplaces to see every order in one place, sync stock levels in real-time, and ship via any of our carrier integrations. This all means that your eCommerce business can grow quickly with one, reliable system powering its operation.

Yes! You can connect multiple Daraz stores to Asaan Retail, along with a variety of other eCommerce platforms and marketplaces – a full list is available here. This allows you to manage orders, inventory, shipping, and returns for all of them in one place.
Yes you can integrate as many Daraz stores as you want regardless of the package you’re on. This will allow you to keep stock updated across all of the stores without having to log into each one of them separately.
Yes, Asaan Retail allows you to set up and manage inventory for any number of warehouses. You can even create warehouse-to-warehouse stock transfers to ensure you always have the right amount of inventory in the right locations to fulfill orders as quickly as possible.
Yes,  Asaan Retail saves your time by providing the convenience to print all of the documents required to ship the orders from its all-in-one platform.
Yes, with Asaan Retail’s Daraz integration, you can import your Daraz payouts in a single click. This ensures that payments are recorded against orders accurately without any human interaction and allows you to calculate your profitability accurately.