Easily Print Barcodes with your Zebra Label Printer, Get Started in Seconds, We'll tell you Three Easy Steps to do it


1. Download Zebra Browserprint

Before downloading Zebra Browserprint for your Windows or MAC machine, please check whether your Label Printer is in the compatibility list or not.

If your printer is supported by Zebra Browserprint, you can donwload it for your Windows or MAC machine from here.

Download Zebra Browserprint for Asaan Retail

After downloading, run the setup and follow the instructions in official setup guide for your respective OS (Windows or MAC).

2. Go to Print Barcode Screen in your Asaan Retail app

After successful installation of Zebra Browser Print, you can verify whether your Zebra Printer is successfully configured or not from your Asaan Retail app.

To do this, go to Barcode > Print Barcodes option in your Asaan Retail app as shown.

Print Barcode with Asaan Retail

Search here the products from Search Products bar for which you want to print barcodes, add them to the printing list, and click Proceed button.

Print Barcode from Asaan Retail - Step 1

3. Select your Printer and Media Type

On this step, first you'll be prompted to add your app URL to accepted hosts by Zebra Browserprint, select 'Yes' to allow.

If you've configured your printer correctly with Zebra Browser Print, and Zebra Browserprint is running, you should see your printer listed on this screen as shown below.

Select Printer Asaan Retail

If your printer is listed here, you're good to go. Just select your Media Type now (2 stickers in a row or 1) and click Print button.

Some basic troubleshooting:

If you're unable to print barcodes and you've done every thing correct, please checkout if Zebra Browserprint is running, you can verify by checking your system tray as shown in Screenshot below. 

If your Zebra Browserprint is running, please check if the SSL Certificate has been accepted in your browser. To do this, visit https://localhost:9101/ssl_support in your browser. If you see here the prompt that Your Connection is not Private, click Advanced button in the bottom and then Proceed to Localhost. Your certificate will be accepted and you're ready to roll out barcodes now.

If you still face issues, do not hesitate to reach out to our support.


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