As a wholesaler, you’ll always be outnumbered by your products — that’s just fact. With insights into profits, inventory tracking reports, and faster order processing, Asaan Retail is the perfect wholesale distribution software to help you get ahead of the curve.

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The perfect wholesale distribution software
Handle multiple locations from our centralized ERP

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you have hundreds of products stored across multiple locations. Asaan Retail provides focus in all of the chaos: zoom in to see what’s stored at one particular warehouse, or drill down into your product list by category.

Asaan Retail works across all of the smartphones, tablets, and computers you’ve already invested in, so you’ll be able to get the ball rolling immediately.

Manage Stock on Daraz with Asaan Retail POS

1. Multiple Units of Measurement

Manage your inventory in Multiple Units of Measurements. Keep track of even a single unit now with Asaan Retail.


2. Multiple Locations

Whether you work on multiple locations or you have a large warehouse divided into sections and aisles, Asaan Retail is the best for you.


3. Powerful Reporting

We have a huge set of builtin reports to provide you powerful insights into your business enabling you to make the right decisions right on time.

Bring order to large orders with barcodes.

Sell With Barcodes, Return With Barcodes, Purchase With Barcodes. Order as quick as you scan. Typing out orders takes time and introduces typos. Scanning barcodes is lightning fast, with far less chance of error. It’s easier than you think to get started with barcoding. Asaan Retail integrates with any Zebra Label Printer within seconds to help you get started quickly.

Trusted by Small, Medium, and Large Businesses Worldwide!

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