As a restaurant owner, you need a good communication mechanism between your counter and kitchen — we get that. With our wireless order booking platform, you can take orders from mulitple tables and send them directly to your kitchen. Get to know which table gets you more sales and keep track of your waiters' performance.


We're transforming restaurant businesses to go wireless with our cutting-edge technology to help them increase efficieny and build customer trust. You do not need to rely on traditional legacy systems now to take orders. Sell faster, work smarter.

Asaan Retail works across all of the smartphones, tablets, and computers you’ve already invested in, so you’ll be able to get the ball rolling immediately.

POS software for restaurant

1. Faster order punching

Your restaurant's waiters' get to punch orders faster with our user-friendly interface built for restaurants. Forward orders to kitchen as soon as you punch them.

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2. Wireless infrastructure

Asaan Retail is empowering restaurants to go wireless using it's high speed cloud platform. Print the order in kitchen as soon as it is punched from a tablet, it's that much simpler.

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3. Track table performance

Track your table's and waiter's performance with Asaan Retail. Analyze your business from every angle, dive deeper into analytics to extract meaningful information, all in a single platform.

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'Fast' and 'Easy to Use' are not opposites.

We've took into consideration multiple use cases and conducted researches to provide you with a order punching screen that's fast and easy to use at the same time. Print receipts in kitchen as soon as an order is punched.

Trusted by Small, Medium, and Large Businesses Worldwide!

Have a look at our client portfolio. We've been around in the industry for over 2 years now. Be a part of our every growing family that trusts Asaan Retail with their orders & inventory.

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