As a pharmacy, you must be working on very tight margins — we understand that. With insights into daily rate changes, inventory tracking reports, faster order processing, and multiple units of measure, Asaan Retail is the perfect cloud solution for your pharmacy needs.



1. Multiple Units of Measurement

Asaan Retail supports selling in multiple units so that you can keep track of even a single gram, keep your stock and accounting accurate with software built for pharmacies.


2. Powerful Costing

With the power to dive deep into inventory with multiple UOM, Asaan Retail keeps the costing accurate. Leave the calculator at home. Get to know whenever an item is bought at a higher price so you never miss out on profits.


3. Deeper Inventory Tracking

Automatically track the movement history for your products — right down to each adjustment or order. We take care of the costing stuff (like moving average etc.) so you can focus and keep the business running smoothly.


4. Instantly Generate Invoices

Instantly generate sales invoices for your customers with a single click. Asaan Retail supports multiple invoice types including Thermal Receipts, and A4 Invoices. Configure anytime, anywhere according to your needs.


5. Keep Track of Expiry Dates

Know what's going to expire before you lose on revenue. Asaan Retail helps you keep track of expiry dates so you always stay on top of your inventory.


6. Easily Make Huge Purchase Bills

Asaan Retail focuses and firmly believes on "User First Approach" where users come first. We've done extensive research on user experiences to give you a powerful selling experience backed by high speed cloud infrastructure.

Sell Faster.

Asaan Retail provides you with the best possible interface that's both easy to use and quick. We understand the needs of a counter where things have to be real fast and thus an efficient mechanism is needed to fulfill that need. With our automated accounting and ledgers, you just have to focus on your sales.

Trusted by Small, Medium, and Large Businesses Worldwide!

Have a look at our client portfolio. We've been around in the industry for over 2 years now. Be a part of our every growing family that trusts Asaan Retail with their orders & inventory.

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