Your modern business uses all sorts of online services to get the job done. That’s why Asaan Retail offers the ecommerce integrations that matter most to you.


Our ecommerce integrations pull sales straight into Asaan Retail from Daraz, Goto, Woocommerce, Shopify, and Magento.

Not only this, you can directly book parcels with Courier Services including M&P, TCS, LCS and many more as well so there's no manual work.

Manage Stock on Daraz with Asaan Retail POS

1. Website Integrations

Asaan Retail's ERP can integrate your WooCommerce, Shopify or Magento website in seconds. You do not need to code nor be technical to do that, we guarantee.

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2. Marketplace Integrations

Our omni-channel cloud platform can integrate with your existing marketplace stores in seconds. Pull orders straight from your Daraz or Goto store, update stock & prices, and keep ledgers in sync. All in one platform.

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3. Courier Integrations

Give your business a digital ride with Asaan Retail's cloud ERP. Pull orders from your online channels and instantly book them with courier services in single click.

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Make your accountant’s life easier.

Instantly have your sales orders appear as invoices in your Asaan Retail App. No manual entry required, so you’ll always be doing smart work.

Automatically sync stock

Decide what's best for your business because Asaan Retail has got everthing. You can choose whether to automically update stock on your website and marketplace stores or not and at which intervals.

Manage Stock on Daraz with Asaan Retail POS

Provide order tracking to customers

Asaan Retail provides this as a out of the box functionality to your website customers to track their orders so that you as well as your customers can remain informed.

Manage Stock on Daraz with Asaan Retail POS

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