Modern businesses use all sorts of online services to get the job done. That’s why Asaan Retail offers the ecommerce integrations that matter most to you.

Manage Stock on Daraz with Asaan Retail POS

Pull orders into Asaan Retail.

Our marketplace integrations pulls sales straight into Asaan Retail from your multiple Daraz stores. With our ever growing integration stack, you get the power to keep your sales channels updated with Inventory and Price changes. Our integrations list keeps on growing with the capability of marketplaces to go digital.
Manage Stock on Daraz with Asaan Retail POS

Keep multiple Daraz stores synced with stock and price changes.

Asaan Retail provides you with the convenience to update stock, and price of products on Daraz stores 'in bulk' straight from your app in a single click.
Import products from Daraz stores into Asaan Retail

Import products from your multiple Daraz stores into Asaan Retail.

With just a single click, you can easily import products into Asaan Retail from your Daraz stores. We've got everything you need to manage your digital business.
Print Invoices and Shipping Labels of Daraz Stores

RTS Orders, Print Invoices, Shipping Labels, and Carrier Manifests Directly from Asaan Retail.

No need to login separately on your Daraz Stores to print Orders Documents. Asaan Retail is loaded with every convenience to save your time so you can focus on growth.

Reconcile payments with Daraz stores.

Whenever Daraz pays you against your orders, you can pull the ledger of that payment straight into your Asaan Retail app to know your estimated profit and to manage cash flow. No more manual work with us, promise.
Manage Stock on Daraz with Asaan Retail POS

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