The key to a successful business is asking the right questions. We help you learn from your mistakes so you don't repeat them. Our sales, purchasing, expenses, and inventory reports help you to do just that.

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Is a business KPI important to you and we haven't got the report for it? Worry not because we offer FREE custom reports according to your business needs.

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Our business reporting tools help you zoom in into your business in real time without any delays so you can make quick decisions right on time.

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"Analyze from the Very First Day"

We have a huge number of built-in reports that'll help you grow your business. Our reporting stack always keep on growing and provides you with new ways to analyze your business.

Trusted by Small, Medium, and Large Businesses Worldwide!

Have a look at our client portfolio. We've been around in the industry for over 2 years now. Be a part of our every growing family that trusts Asaan Retail with their orders & inventory.

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Visualize data so you don't miss out. With our centralized cloud platform, you get to analyze your data from every angle. Our huge integrations portfolio allows you to pull data from multiple channels so that you have a central platform to manage and analyze your business. You get to dig deeper into data to extract meaningful information within seconds.

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Couldn't find the report that's important for you? Worry not.

We take huge pride in customer satisfaction over years of relationship and trust. That's because we consider your growth to be ours. We can 'customize or build' new reports according to your needs so you don't miss out on an important aspect of your data.

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