Is your growing business hitting you hard? Asaan Retail can automate your whole purchasing flow; from maintaing ledgers to prioritizing your purchase decisions, reordering is available on a single click.

supervisor_account Manage Several Companies

"Purchase from Anywhere"

Asaan Retail is designed to support international and local purchase workflows efficiently. And that too is easy to use.

nature_people Easily Manage Suppliers

"Improve inventory performance"

Easily manage supplier credits, make payments, see purchase history and much more with our cloud based ERP.

360 Automate your Purchasing

"Use Existing Barcodes"

Asaan Retail supports barcodes already printed on your products by companies. You just have to scan them in your system to generate POs.

smartphone IMEI Numbers Tracking

"Track Inventory like a PRO"

Asaan Retail allows you to keep track of unique items in inventory using IMEI's, UPC's etc. Check when a particular thing was purchase, when was it sold and how often you've purchased or sold a same item.

today Expiry Dates Tracking

"Keep a Check on Expiry Dates"

Know what's going to expire before you lose on revenue. Asaan Retail helps you keep track of expiry dates so you always stay on top of your inventory. Everything's included in our basic plans.

Trusted by Small, Medium, and Large Businesses Worldwide!

Have a look at our client portfolio. We've been around in the industry for over 2 years now. Be a part of our every growing family that trusts Asaan Retail with their orders & inventory.

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Purchase right on time, before it's too late. Our smart assistant will tell you whether to purchase a product or not, see a product's performance before making any purchase decision. Our centralized omni-channel cloud platfrom records sales from your every channel to help you make better decisions. We've built a business partner for you, not just a software!

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