Spending too much when you're not making enough profits can be a problem. With Asaan Retail, keep an eye on your expenses and drawer cash. Reconcile them later in reports to ensure that you're always spending in limits.

account_balance Track Drawer Cash

"Reconcile in P/L Statement"

Compare the expenses in your Profit Loss statement with profits to get and estimate of how much you're earning.

wb_incandescent Detect Employee Frauds

"Easy Formula"

Track how much money is spent from your drawer cash every day, analyze to detect employee frauds.

airline_seat_flat Spend in Limits

"Get Reports"

The expenses report helps you to analyze any aspect of your spendings easily; zoom-in to see your most spent areas.

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No more employee fraud. Keeping a track of your monthly expenses can be a mess. Employee frauds are a commong thing when there's no check and balance on spendings. Analyze expenses employee wise, location wise, category wise, sub-category wise and much more.

Manage Stock on Daraz with Asaan Retail POS

Reflect expenses on profit loss statements.

Keep an eye on your profit loss statement. Control your expenses, allocate spending budgets to your employees and much more.

Manage Stock on Daraz with Asaan Retail POS

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