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Try It Store's success journey with Asaan Retail

Explore how Asaan Retail helped Try It Store scale their sales order fulfillment rate from 70% to around 98%.

Try It Store - Company Details


Cat & Dog Food

Sales Channels

(Retail Store, Daraz Store, 2 x Woocommerce Stores)

Product SKUs


Annual Sales

PKR 15 Million+



Problem Statement

Sudden Increase in Demand After COVID-19

COVID-19 crippled most businesses in 2019 and almost all of the industries were severely impacted due to this. As soon as the strict nationwide lockdowns were placed, people started shopping for their daily necessities online. The same was the case with Cat & Dog food. Try It Store’ in 2019 initially adapted to the current demand on its brick-and-mortar store and marketplaces. But when orders began increasing rapidly, it became extremely difficult to manage everything.

Asaan Retail

Problems in Traditional Approach


Try It Store is Pakistan’s one of the renowned sellers of Cat & Dog Food. In 2019, Try It Store started facing problems like overselling products and poor sales order fulfillment process. Their sales and procurement teams ended up wasting time getting in touch with their customers to sort out all the problems.

How Asaan Retail Helped ‘Try It Store’ to Dodge All Potential Hurdles In Their Sales Process


On-boarding & Implementation

All the problems and deadlocks in the sales process led the decision makers and relevant team members of ‘Try It’ to consider that they require an extraordinary solution to resolve all their issues. Therefore, ‘Try It’ instantly started searching for an appropriate and smart solution.

Asaan Retail

After the onboarding process, ‘Try It’ instantly started getting remarkable results like improved customer experience, quick deliveries, faster payment reconciliation, and a notable improvement in the sales process.

Asaan Retail

After choosing Asaan Retail, Mr. Laraib was very satisfied and impressed with our onboarding and implementation support.

Asaan Retail

Increase in Sales Order Fulfillment

Initially, Try It Store was only able to fulfill 70% of its sales orders, due to overselling and consistency issues in the manual handling of multi-channel orders. But their fulfillment rate skyrocketed up to 98% within just a month.
Try It Store’s sales order lifecycle became significantly simple and effortless. It rapidly changed from poor management of different marketplaces and inventories to having centralized inventory management via a single platform.

Asaan Retail

A Journey to be continued

The story doesn’t end here as Try It Store is achieving new summits day by day and is excited to continue its journey toward success with Asaan Retail.

Asaan Retail