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Plush Nepal - Success Journey with Asaan Retail

Plush Nepal offers high-quality wearable items like watches, piercings, earrings, bracelets, etc.
Plush Nepal’s desire for more sales meant listing their products on as many relevant marketplaces as possible including Daraz, Shopify store, and three retail outlets. But they didn’t have the capable system and enough resources to manage everything effectively once the orders started coming in.

Plush Nepal was looking to improve efficiency and after reviewing a number of different software platforms decided that Asaan Retail would be the perfect match for all their potential challenges.

Finding the right solution

This is where Asaan Retail slotted perfectly into the Plush Nepal story. And Mr. Mahto noticed the difference quickly.

But it wasn’t just about maintaining their current operation for Plush Nepal. Asaan Retail opened up a whole new revenue source.
Unique style has helped Plush Nepal grow fast in a just few months by selling on a Shopify website and Daraz.

A Clear Objective for the Future

Plush Nepal’s journey with Asaan Retail didn’t just sum up here. They recognized how powerful the inventory management feature could be for them too – and set about linking their third-party courier services with their inventory management.

POS Features in Asaan Retail

Closing Remarks

So it’s an exciting journey for Plush Nepal. And they’re thrilled to have Asaan Retail supporting them as they move from strength to strength.

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