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Motiwala, a Clothing Beads Business Success Story

The Motiwala Story

Currently running with 5 retail stores, Motiwala sells a wide range of different colored and sized clothing beads (used for the stitching of bridal clothes). Motiwala is passionate about aesthetic designs and happening vibes, they sell all sorts of beautiful beads to the end users and other clothing businesses that deal in bridal wear.
We spoke to Mr. Nadeem Motiwala, owner of Motiwala, who let us know how the company is doing and how Asaan Retail is helping them grow their business.

Better and cheaper shipping, by themselves

When they first sold across multiple channels, Motiwala used to ship their products using Leopards courier. They had tried shipping themselves, but their in-house picking system was too complicated and cumbersome, leading to too many errors.
However, these errors disappeared when they started to use the Asaan Retail digital POS system with the Asaan Retail scanner. Now, they rarely have an error in their fulfillment processes and, if they do, it’s a user rather than a system error.
All of which means Motiwala can ship their orders by themselves, efficiently and more cheaply compared to third-party courier services.

Multichannel Retail Business

Motiwalais currently selling from their 5 retail stores.

It’s this multichannel approach that led them to choose Asaan Retail, after much searching.

Asaan Retail

Motiwala knew they needed an order management system that could grow with them, by adding new sales channels in the future. A feature that Asaan Retail provides.

Asaan Retail

Another key reason that Motiwala chose Asaan Retail was its remarkable feature to manage the entire fulfillment process, from order & inventory management to picking, to shipping, to reporting. Having one system to do all of this is advantageous to eCommerce companies as it gives them one source of truth for all of their fulfillment requirements and means that they don’t have to purchase additional products to manage their fulfillment operations.

Asaan Retail

Easier fulfillment leads to better reviews
One of the key themes across all of Asaan Retail’s case studies is customers improving their reviews after implementing Asaan Retail’s eCommerce fulfillment system. This has been the same for Motiwala, which has seen a notable improvement in the number of positive reviews with most of the reviews linked with the quick delivery services.
The most common review they have had since coming to Asaan Retail is how quickly products are getting to customers.

Asaan Retail

Improved communication

Asaan Retail hasn’t just made life easier for Motiwala’s fulfillment team. It’s improved communication across the company, with everyone from the procurement teams, sales teams, managers, and company owner using Asaan Retail with a shared dashboard and defined roles regularly. Now:

  • Everyone (that entertains access) in the company can check on inventory levels at any time
  • Tagging and commenting on different sales orders so everyone in the company can see if there is any particular action or SOP required.
  • Nadeem Motwala can easily communicate with their managers and track the progress of team members via Asaan Retail.
  • The users can create custom orders with a range of useful features directly in Asaan Retail

Onboarding with Asaan Retail

Motiwala spent a lot of time trying to find the right solution for their team, jumping from one to several different solutions, none of which proved to be practical enough. The alternate systems available in the market were either over-complicated or unresponsive.

To their surprise, Mr. Nadeem found Asaan Retail to be interactive, productive, and user-friendly, and the Asaan Retail team helped them in making their onboarding smooth and seamless.

Asaan Retail

Closing Remarks

Mr. Nadeem closed the conversation by stating:

Asaan Retail