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Medition Pharmacy

Medition Pharmacy - Transparent Inventory Tracking & 100% Sales Order Fulfillment Rate

Discover how Medition Pharmacy increased their orders up to 2.5x, increased order fulfillment rate by 300%, improved inventory management, and achieved 99% picking accuracy in handling sales orders using Asaan Retail.

Medition Pharmacy - Introduction & Problem Statement

100% accuracy of dispatching the right orders
Transparent stock levels

About Medition Pharmacy


Health & Medicine

Team Size

10 Employees

Inventory portfolio

3000+ products

Daily orders

Over 100

Annual Revenue

PKR 30 Million

Customer Base

Medical stores
Mid-sized hospitals
Individual customers

Problem Statement

Medition Pharmacy

With a range of medical supplies and medicines listed on multiple-channel stores and stocked in physical stores across different inventory locations, meeting customer demands wasn’t an issue for Medition Pharmacy.

But managing complex inventory operations and stock levels was troublesome. As a result, Medition’s fulfillment department was encircled in a close loop of overselling due to repetitive mistakes.

Asaan Retail

The lack of transparent inventory comes amid some potential problems like placing excessive or insufficient purchase orders and confirming sales orders for out-of-stock items.

Asaan Retail

All the problems and deadlocks in the sales process led the decision makers and relevant team members of ‘Try It’ to consider that they require an extraordinary solution to resolve all their issues. Therefore, ‘Try It’ instantly started searching for an appropriate and smart solution.

Asaan Retail

How Asaan Retail changed the entire digital workflow of Medition Pharmacy

Medition Pharmacy

Why Asaan Retail

Medition Pharmacy was desperately searching for a smart and modern solution to meet increasing demands and eliminate issues in their existing workflow. They ended up finding Asaan Retail that can well address all their requirements efficiently.

Asaan Retail

Medition made a sudden shift to Asaan Retail and their team was extremely excited to experience a remarkable change in their sales and fulfillment model.

Asaan Retail

Medition has a physical outlet and Woocommerce eCommerce store and is soon to open its new stores in more locations. Therefore, a consistent and streamlined workflow is important for their interconnected fulfillment model.

Asaan Retail

There are guides available in different formats that help our internal team sort out all their issues and resolve queries if they find any difficulties.

Asaan Retail

Highly optimized inventory management

It is crystal clear that Medition Pharmacy has become successful in automating most of its fulfillment operations after deploying Asaan Retail. Customers are noticing significant improvements in Medition’s whole fulfillment model.

Asaan Retail

Medition now offers a wide variety of medicines and medical accessories like PCR test kits, sanitary products, surgical masks, N95 masks, drips, syringes, diabetic testing devices, blood pressure meters, etc. They are meeting the same-day delivery demands efficiently after making a transition to Asaan Retail.

From gaining strength as a leading eCommerce medical store to the remarkable expansion in its inventory – Medition Pharmacy is gaining altitude and setting a new benchmark in its competitive market.

Asaan Retail

End Words

If you are dealing with such an expanded business model, increasing demand comes amid an increased workload and more complexities. But, Asaan Retail can turn this complexity graph into a flat plateau. If you want our high-end solution to automate and expand your eCommerce business, contact our Support Team/apply for a free trial.