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Explore how LaserTag, an eCommerce cosmetics and makeup store, skyrocketed its business with Asaan Retail

We held a detailed session with Mr. Kamil, CEO  of LaserTag, and he shared his insightful journey with Asaan Retail. He made his debut in the market as a small business housed in a domestic setup, along with his co-partner Mr. Azhar, who has a rich experience in digital marketing and worked for a range of SMBs, helped set up an engaging eCommerce site for their business. 

They started with a single vendor in Karachi and gathered makeup product stock for their business. Due to limited space, they created a minimal inventory, which they successfully traded within a couple of weeks. Next, they took a risk to create a much larger inventory before black Friday and ended up with an empty stock after putting in a 1-week sale; this is where they foresaw an overwhelming success in the online makeup and cosmetics business. 


After one year, LaserTag is offering a massive stock of over 2,000 SKUs. They created an upheaval in the eCommerce market with 2 different websites and a physical store in F.B. area, Karachi. They skyrocketed their sales up to PKR 39 million by the end of the fiscal year 2022, after selling 15,000 units (approx.) by the end of June 2022.

Asaan Retail

“COVID-19 has changed the entire makeup of the eCommerce domain. If we didn’t shift to Asaan Retail in 2021, the overwhelming increase in sales orders would create an immense burden and exacerbate the operational cost of our eCommerce business.”

Laser Tag

After COVID-19 and its containment measures, people started to rely more on eCommerce platforms for their clothes, household items, groceries, and whatnot. They found shopping online a new norm after going through a lot of social distancing and isolation. To address the new challenges that come amid increasing online sales, Mr. Kamil opts for new and modern ways to integrate into their sales process. It unlocked new avenues of different perks and opportunities in terms of business growth, increased sales, improved sales process, and hassle-free operational model.

Asaan Retail

“Before making a shift to Asaan Retail, we were putting tremendous efforts in tracking inventory and ROI across 3 different sales channels including one physical outlet” 

LaserTag started its eCommerce journey by managing everything manually with a traditional approach. That is:

  • Managing stock levels using excel sheets that required manual updating.
  • Using excel sheets to keep track of the courier service for shipments.
  • Putting too much effort into keeping track of order lifecycle, led to poor customer experience.
  • Handling exchanges, returns, and refunds through excel sheets.
  • Managing products without SKUs for different inventory locations.
  • Managing payments using excel sheets made reconciliation almost impossible and time-consuming.

This traditional approach to doing business was impeding their growth, increasing complexity, causing delays, and worsening their ROI. For instance, confirming online orders for out-of-stock items, duplicate orders, restocking anomalies for returned orders, etc.

Delays in sales order fulfillment

The mainstream method of order booking with courier companies through excel sheets or through WooCommerce or Shopify requires 1-2 minutes for a single order. This slight delay creates a compound impact if you have to dispatch and fulfill a large number of orders per day. Therefore, you will fail to succeed in today’s highly competitive digital world.

Necessity is the mother of innovations and reforms. They started acknowledging the fact that great competition demands state-of-the-art inventory management solutions. Mr. Kamil searched for a platform that would streamline their inventory management & order fulfillment process and ended up concluding their choice for Asaan Retail.

Asaan Retail

“At first, we underestimated the true potential and efficiency of Asaan Retail. It has reduced our time and efforts by a factor of one-third in order fulfillment, inventory management, and accounting.”

Making a swift move to Asaan Retail enabled Mr. Kamil & Mr. Azhar to improve their entire inventory and order fulfillment process. Revolutionizing how they used to handle their inventory and sales orders, they are making a rapid ascent towards the apex of the eCommerce industry.

Faster shipping times and better reviews

Asaan Retail

“The frequency of positive feedback we are getting after moving to Asaan Retail regarding faster delivery and seamless customer experience has improved significantly”

Before using Asaan Retail, LaserTag was quoting 3-7 working days for delivery. Now it’s reduced to 1-3 days delivery, especially during Black Friday, Ramadan, and Eid.

Asaan Retail has unlocked new opportunities for LaserTag regarding faster delivery services and improved customer experience. Whereas Asaan Retail does not claim all the credit for LaserTag’s appreciation by its customer base, the instant improvement in shipping services and order fulfillment is something worth noticing.

3X increase in ROI with swift order fulfillment

Using Asaan Retail for 1 year proved to be a vital element in the overall success of LaserTag’s business. With almost a 300% increase in the sales orders over 1 year and especially during Ramadan, the last two quarters of the fiscal year 2022 were the peak business months for LaserTag. So it became mandatory that they meet their orders’ fulfillment instantly, timely, and up to the customers’ expectations, which Asaan Retail allowed them to achieve. The only hurdle they are facing right now is to acquire more space for additional stock.

As they have acquired a highly transparent inventory management process, they can easily purchase more stock while sitting behind their computer, compared to performing manual counting before restocking products.

Asaan Retail

“We heavily rely on Asaan Retail as it resolves over 80% of our challenges in a single platform whether its tracking inventory, placing purchase orders, managing multi-channel sales orders, or keeping account records.”

Access to vital business insights

Asaan Retail has allowed Mr. Kamil to acquire in-depth insights regarding different products, inventory, sales, purchases, accounts, customers, and suppliers. For instance, searching for a particular supplier, finding product SKUs, stock count, low-in-stock products, out-of-stock products, etc. Asaan Retail’s reporting engine offers in-depth reports, an interactive KPIs dashboard, and insightful information that isn’t even available in WooCommerce, Shopify, Daraz or any other platform. Especially, in the case of multi-channel eCommerce business.

Doing magics with automation

Mr. Kamil utilized Asaan Retail’s highly researched automation features to streamline its order fulfillment process. Asaan Retail’s automation features allow you to streamline your order fulfillment lifecycle including, fulfillment status updates, restocking products for delivery failed or returned orders, managing charts of accounts for payment refunds, identifying low-in-stock products, etc. All these features make the entire business & sales process streamlined & synchronized.

End Words

Managing such a comprehensive multi-channel business with a lot of stakeholders involved was a gigantic challenge for Mr. Kamil. But he successfully improved the functional efficiency of their business and sales process by opting for Asaan Retail. If you want to make a shift towards excellence, feel free to contact our support team. Welcome on board!