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Khuda Baksh

Khudabaksh Women Wear Journey with Asaan Retail

Khudabaksh is a renowned entity as Women Ready to Wear Clothing brand for the last 8 years.
But keeping that status in the modern world meant selling on multiple sales fronts – and managing this process was proving a difficult task.

Asaan Retail

About Khudabaksh Clothing

Khudabaksh distributes top-notch & high-quality women’s ready-to-wear clothing items.

It was at this point that Khudabaksh Clothing realized something needed to change. Especially if they wanted to continue growing while maintaining their industry-leading status.

Faster Shipping Services

Recognizing the need for improvement, Khudabaksh Clothing did what successful businesses do and made some big changes when required – with Asaan Retail as the most significant one.

Asaan Retail

But Khudabaksh Clothing didn’t stop there. They dedicated themselves to progression with another huge move.

Asaan Retail

Automated Workflows

The difference in speed and accuracy has been huge for Khudabaksh Clothing. And it’s released a huge amount of pressure on the customer service team.

Asaan Retail

Closing Remarks

A passion for innovation has helped Khudabaksh Clothing continue to drive the women’s clothing business forward for over 8 years.

But the improvements didn’t stop there for Khudabaksh Clothing. Their warehouse performance also went up, with the SKU update a large part of this.

Asaan Retail