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Appleman’s Retail Store Chain with Asaan Retail

We arranged a session with Mr. Usman, Founder & CEO of Appleman, to share his experience with Asaan Retail. Discover how Asaan Retail helped Appleman’s multichannel Apple products business to streamline its sales, fulfillment, and accounting.

About Appleman

Apple Man

About Appleman

Sales Channels

30+ (30+ Outlets, Shopify Store)

Average Number Of Orders per Month


Team Size

75 Employees

Achievements Summary

5X Increase in inventory accuracy
5X Faster payments reconciliation
The cancellation rate was reduced from 10% to 2%
Inventory moved from paper ledgers to a centralized system

Appleman is a multi-brand store selling mainly Apple products like iPhones, iPads, Macbooks, iWatches, and accessories. They are selling these products on multiple sales channels including Shopify and on their 30+ retail stores, while they ship their products via multiple courier services including TCS, Call Courier, and M&P.

Last year they experienced a remarkable increase in sales orders per month, from approx. 1200 orders per month to over 2,500. Before onboarding to Asaan Retail, Appleman was using traditional methodologies and outdated software utilities like excel sheets to control their inventory flow. Using de-centralized utilities made it extremely difficult for a brand with 30+ outlets like Appleman to maintain a good customer experience as they continued to expand. With the ongoing increase in demand for Apple products, their traditional inventory and accounting management practices using stand-alone applications, ended up exacerbating their entire sales process.


Why did Appleman find a need to acquire a modern multi-channel retail solution like Asaan Retail?

Running a multiple-channel retail business without any modern inventory, fulfillment, and accounting management platform poses a range of downsides and restrictions.

Handling multiple retail outlets using mainstream applications was the primary reason that each outlet of Appleman was understock. The sales representatives had to manually adjust stock after each order, cancellation, or return. It was an overwhelming task that required dedicated resources, a lot of time, and repetitive efforts, limiting Appleman from skyrocketing growth & scalability.


Appleman offers a wide variety of products to its customer base, limiting not only to Apple products but other popular brands such as MI, Oppo, Samsung, etc. During routine hours, their salesmen were more likely to give the wrong price to the customer for an iPhone due to varying prices every day, also it was difficult to keep track of IMEIs associated with each phone as there was no centralized system in place, stock transfer between multiple outlets was also a big problem. Another trouble that increased the impact was that customers were unable to know at which outlet they’ll find their desired Apple product as the salesmen took a long time calling every outlet to fulfill customers’ demands. It was worsening the customer experience and putting an immense load on Appleman to provide a good customer experience.

The impact of these mistakes was producing a compound effect as it was occurring across multiple sales channels having a rich portfolio of products with different variations.

No doubt, all eCommerce businesses require an effective solution to deal with all the issues like overselling, poor order fulfillment rate, mispicks, and poor inventory management.

Another potential effect of all these anomalies is poor customer experience and you end up losing your customers due to increased delivery times, wrong deliveries, and delays in resolving customer problems.

Let’s discuss how Asaan Retail helped Appleman in eliminating all such issues and took their business to new summits.

How did Asaan Retail help Appleman in curbing all the existing issues?

Reducing Mispicks by 95% using Asaan Retail’s POS features

Appleman leveraged Asaan Retail’s POS features as they set a procedure to print barcodes, scan all items, and generate their thermal invoice before shipping. This is really helpful if you are dealing with a gigantic portfolio of products including different variations like type, size, dimension, weight, or color of each product. Before opting for Asaan Retail, Appleman was experiencing around 20 mispicks per 200 orders. After implementing Asaan Retail’s modern POS features their mispicks rate dropped to 2 out of 200 sales orders.

Asaan Retail

Smooth On-boarding & Implementation

When Appleman was making a shift to Asaan Retail, they transferred their entire product, supplier, and customer base within 2 days. In the start, training the staff to adapt to an interactive web interface was a little bit complex after using the traditional applications for years. But with the efforts and dedication of our support team, Appleman and its team have easily adapted to our new platform.

Asaan Retail’s easy-to-use POS and order management platform has spared Appleman’s team nightmarish issues. If they want any sort of insights or reports regarding order fulfillment, stock, accounts, customer data, supplier data, etc, they can easily acquire the relevant information within a matter of seconds. Their entire hierarchy is now working with utmost transparency and synchronization. It has also made it easier for some team members to work remotely without any potential errors or hurdles.

Before switching to Asaan Retail, Appleman’s accounts & sales department had to manually update all records which required a lot of time and effort. But now Appleman is able to fulfill around 600 orders weekly without any delays or repetitive tasks. Appleman is all set to achieve new milestones in its niche in the coming days with improved CX, transparent inventory, and remarkable order fulfillment rates.

Improved Inventory Management

Before choosing Asaan Retail, Appleman was limited to a very befogged inventory. It means they didn’t have a clear idea about the current stock levels. For instance, if the number of earpods in a particular inventory location is 5 and two customers made an order of a total of 6 earpods on different channels, Appleman didn’t have a proper mechanism to track their stock levels and counter this understocking issue.

Now the sales team receives a notification as soon as the product quantity falls below the defined reorder threshold.

Offering bundle/kit Items

Offering bundles or kits is a remarkable way to offer promotional discounts and sell low-performing products quickly. But Appleman failed to leverage its marketing strategy as it lacked enough visibility of its inventory. It was a challenging task to manually handle bundle orders having products with different stock levels.

After moving to Asaan Retail, Appleman now enjoys rich insights into its inventory and stock levels. In Asaan Retail, the bundled stock levels are defined automatically by the stock level of products having the least quantity among all bundled items. Appleman is now using Asaan Retail to offer bundles or kits based on their market research and inventory insights. Asaan Retail has completely streamlined their process of bundle and inventory management. They can easily handle bundle orders now without making manual adjustments to their stock for each bundled item.

Asaan Retail

Asaan Retail - A Road to eCommerce’s Summit

A primary determinant of success in an eCommerce business is to address customer pain points and expectations instantly. It includes faster delivery services and a hassle-free return or exchange process. Asaan Retail has helped Appleman to deliver their sales orders on the same day and keep live track of their inventory from their devices.

Discover more about how Asaan Retail is fueling the revolution in Pakistan’s eCommerce industry.