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Sell on Daraz and Earn 50K Per Month Income! Here’s how

Sell on Daraz and Earn 50K Per Month Income! Here’s how
Are you looking for opportunities to sell on Daraz and earn money from Daraz? Well, look no more because we have listed down practical tips on how to earn money from Daraz!
Unarguably, Daraz is highly known among South Asian countries as a leading virtual marketplace. The website and application include 20 million products added in 100+ categories, which users can grab anytime.
Daraz aims to enable and empower thousands of sellers alongside helping customers connect with thousands of retailers in the present tech world.
Users who have bought products from the forum know about the sell on Daraz option. In addition, such users are very well aware that the platform offers a chance to earn money on Daraz. The giant virtual marketplace offers you to opt for a Daraz seller account and other options that help you earn money from Daraz.
Asaan retail lists down practical tips to sell on Daraz, alongside helping you earn money from the Daraz website and application. The blog also lists Daraz seller center and Daraz seller account queries.
Let’s look below:

Why do you want to sell on Daraz?

With every passing day, the world is becoming a digital resilience. And, seeing that, there is no doubt that online business has a bright future in Pakistan. With Daraz, you can quickly expand your online business from the comfort of your own home.
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How does Daraz help you in setting up your online business?

Here is how Daraz helps you set up your online business on its platform. This is quite simple and easy, listed as follows:

Business Support:

An extensive range of small and medium-sized businesses across the nation can set up their business on the platform. You can opt for support from Asaan retail, which offers free business consultation alongside optimizing your analytics accordingly.

Assisting financially:

While you sell on Daraz, the forum offers initiatives that suggest financial assistance and bids zero percent commission. The opportunity is perfect for registered and new sellers, up for you to avail till June.

Training on the forum:

With Asaan retail, you can kick start your business while opting for consultation for free. You can learn new tricks and avail them for boosting your products on the forum through the website.

How can you acquire a Daraz seller account?

If you are worried about acquiring a Daraz seller account, then don’t worry. We’ve got your back! Assan retail offers you to help with it. All you are required is to follow the lead, listed as follows:
  • You can message ‘Daraz’ space ‘name,’ send it 7575, and register your Daraz seller account.
  • Alternatively, visit the Daraz page, and register yourself on the link ‘sign up.’
Now that you have Daraz selling account, follow these steps:

1. List down your products to sell on Daraz:

Head over to the site, and register your products. Include all the personal and business details on the website. Provide all the related information related to things on the website.

2. Accept and deliver products all over the country:

Once you have listed down the products and related information, you can now sell on Daraz. Next, find the Daraz seller center through a website or app, and receive order requests. Once you receive a request, package the product and leave delivery worries on the forum.

3. Collect payments:

Collect payments directly on your account. Lastly, follow the Asaan retail tips to boost your sale and earn huge bucks. Once you follow the directions, you can expand your business on the website or application.
Therefore, sign-up as a Daraz seller account and expand your online business today to grow efficiently.

How to make money from Daraz?

The visual marketplace offers a chance to make money from Daraz. The best part is that you can earn huge bucks around 50K and more!
Look at the practical tips on how to make money from Daraz, lined up below:

1. Sell on Daraz to earn money:

The website and application don’t require registration fees from its users. You can create an account and register it as Daraz selling account. Next, list down your products up to sell. Lastly, the website requires profit share when getting Daraz online earnings.
With Asaan retail, you can boost your sales on-site and app to earn huge money.

2. Use ‘Daraz dost’ for Daraz online earning:

You have to log in to the website or application to make use of this portal at Daraz to earn money. This portal offers its hardworking clients to earn around 50K. Your job requires you to make people understand this online marketplace and its wide range of uses.
When you bring on a new client, a cash reward is awarded. The bonus amount is added to your account.

3. Earn Money from Daraz Affiliate Marketing:

You can also opt for the Daraz affiliate marketing portal to earn a considerable income. Plenty of users have connected themselves with this great online store and now earn massive amounts at the end of every month.
You can view our article on Daraz affiliate marketing for more technical information. Learn how it works and, used to earn money from the Daraz site and application.

How to calculate Daraz's commission margin?

Daraz’s commission profit margin varies from one product to another. It lies from 3-20 percent for a different category. Value-added tax is included, which is different for every province. Further, Daraz’s payment fee is 1.25 of its retail price, and packaging material charges vary from 8-20 rupees.
For example, if a Daraz seller account sells a book initially priced at 1000 rupees, it will be up on the website for 1500 rupees. Next, Daraz commission, VAT, packaging charges are added. Consequently, the profit margin must be around 20-40 percent so that you have space for other campaigns, sales, and selling.
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How to boost Daraz's sales with Asaan retail?

Below are effective tricks listed, helping you to boost your sale on Daraz bigger than ever:
  • Offer discounts:
Discounts, promos, and offers are a market penetrating strategy. It is a tried and tested way for every kind of business. For instance, if you are new to selling on Daraz, lower your product price and witness the boost.
Another way that helps you attract clients is to offer free delivery on a specific package amount. This allows your client to opt for products over your competition in the visual marketplace.
  • Participate in sales up on Daraz:
When you have a Daraz seller account, it’s time to get a feature on Daraz sales. Unarguably, yet another profitable way to earn clients. However, in case you have already lowered your price, keep a margin for lowering it for Daraz sales.
Yes, we all want to profit, but not at the expense of loss on our end. Once your products attract clients’ eyes and achieve a reasonable volume, you can heighten up your price.
  • Performance maintenance:
Getting featured in sale campaigns is a short-term thing if your performance declines. For a Daraz seller account, you are required to make sure your performance level is sustained.
Asaan retail gives off a simple solution to all the queries listed above. The platform manages your store and aims to heighten up your performance in order to make money from Daraz. It provides an edge, and you are always one step forward from your competition to sell on Daraz.
Additionally, Asaan retail offers a package of the 15-day trial for free. Forget the hassle and focus on achieving your goals of a successful Daraz seller account. For queries and questions, contact us today!

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Kamil Riaz Kara


Kamil Riaz Kara is an SEO Specialist by profession and a vlogger associated with Digital Marketing since 2015. He has completed his Masters in Administrative Science from the University of Karachi. As a writer, he has written numerous articles on Technology, Marketing and SEO.

Kamil Riaz Kara


Kamil Riaz Kara is an SEO Specialist by profession and a vlogger associated with Digital Marketing since 2015. He has completed his Masters in Administrative Science from the University of Karachi. As a writer, he has written numerous articles on Technology, Marketing and SEO.