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QR Code Generator
The guide covers QR code information and its benefits to the e-commerce business. You can easily create QR codes online with the generator. However, it requires you to obtain some basic knowledge related to it.

QR Code Generator tool available at Asaan retail

Do you want to know how the QR code generator at Asaan retail works? Or how you can make use of it? Well, that isn’t that difficult because Asaan retail offers a user-friendly QR code generator that helps you engage with clients creatively.

What is a QR code maker?

A QR code is a two-dimension barcode version which features a black and white pixel pattern. Further, a QR code is a quick response, which helps you gain instant access to the information included in the code.
Nowadays, QR code decreases the communication barrier and helps bridge the gap between the offline and online world. Further, in today’s modern tech world, QR codes are seen everywhere. Examples include advertising campaigns, billboards, magazines, cards, posters, flyers, coupons, vouchers, and most store products. We all have seen QR codes in the above-listed examples.
Because of modern technology, you can create QR codes online within a few minutes. All you are required is a reliable and user-friendly QR code generator.
QR codes help in tracking information about items in a supply chain, and because smartphones now offer this as a feature, they are used in marketing campaigns and advertisements.

What kind of data is stored in a QR code?

QR code is read in two directions. You can read it from top to bottom and right to left. This means you can add more data compared to the barcode. The data stored in a QR code can be of several types. This includes URLs of a website, phone numbers, and around 4000 text characters.
QR codes are also used for other reasons too, listed as follows:
  • It helps you to link directly, and you can download any application from the Apple or Google play store
  • It can authenticate online accounts and verification details
  • You are allowed to access Wi-Fi by strong encryption details, which include SSID, password and encryption type
  • You can send and receive information related to payment
You can save memories too. A few years ago, a company in the UK created a QR code that can be inscribed on gravestones too. Thus, it allows people to scan the code and read and know more about the deceased person’s life.
The Benefits of A QR Code Generator For An Ecommerce Generator

The benefits of a QR code generator for an e-commerce generator:

1. Safe and secure:

With the recent pandemic, businesses have taken a different approach to communicating with their clients. With the shift, QR codes have enabled enterprises to share their information, whether it can be filling a form or anything quite safe.

2. Quick:

QR codes are a great way to streamline the user experience. It makes sure that the customer can access information quickly and efficiently. Users who scan a QR code are directed directly toward the landing page or can check in at any location without asking for support.

3. Hold more data

QR codes offer you to include as much information as you can. You can gather any information related to location and can share marketing strategies. You can add hundreds of encrypted data that one can translate into URLs, linking to promotions and landing pages.

4. Increase client engagement:

If you aim to increase organic engagement on your website or towards the content of any particular page, then a QR code is your answer. It is an easy way to engage potential clients. When a user scans a code, they are already interested in scanning the info and know about it.

5. Shopping and e-commerce:

Unarguably, it is one of the popular ways to make use of QR codes. A comprehensive range of businesses uses it for discounts and promos. When you are offered a unique QR code, the consumer receives a receipt or menu on their phone.
With all these things in mind, you can create a QR code with a QR code generator and give your business a boost. Once generated, you can even check it. Run multiple tests on several devices and applications to check if the QR code is delivering the right consumer data. If your testing fails, there must be a glitch with a QR code maker.
Further, quite a few restrictions are associated with it. This includes internet connectivity. When you are using it, make sure you check if the environment allows it or not.
At the end of the day, QR code benefits a comprehensive range of business. Besides saving time and energy, it gives you a chance to boost engagement organically. Further, it helps you to measure your marketing campaign, offering you all the data you need. You can go through it and examine it in detail through your analytics.
Start Using QR Codes Today To Benefit Your Business

Start using QR codes today to benefit your business

Now that you are aware of the importance, it is important to consider implementing it according to your strategy. Start by thinking about how they can benefit your business, streamline your process and enhance your business.

In conclusion:

Since the early 2000s, QR codes have been in use. While several marketers predicted that they would suffer early demise, they are still alive and well. You aren’t required to download an app to scan QR codes now; instead, do it directly from your camera.
Even the social media applications Instagram and Snapchat use it. Instagram ran advertising campaigns featuring a uniquely designed QR code, while Snapchat generates snap codes for its users to share account information.

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Kamil Riaz Kara


Kamil Riaz Kara is an SEO Specialist by profession and a vlogger associated with Digital Marketing since 2015. He has completed his Masters in Administrative Science from the University of Karachi. As a writer, he has written numerous articles on Technology, Marketing and SEO.

Kamil Riaz Kara


Kamil Riaz Kara is an SEO Specialist by profession and a vlogger associated with Digital Marketing since 2015. He has completed his Masters in Administrative Science from the University of Karachi. As a writer, he has written numerous articles on Technology, Marketing and SEO.