How to manage inventory and orders on your woo-commerce store with Asaan Retail


1. Add a new Third Party


To add a new Third Party, click the "Parties" dropdown in left menu and select option "Add Third Party". This will take you to Third Party addition screen.

Add a new customer in Asaan Digital Retail

On this screen, fill in the Third Party name which will be used to identify the Third Party throughout your app. All other fields are optional.

Select Third Party Type as "Woocommerce" from Thirdparty Type dropdown on this screen.

Woocommerce Integration with Asaan Retail

You'll now see three configurable options here where you'll have to enter your woo-commerce website's URL, API Consumer Key, and API Consumer Secret. We'll let you know how to do that, don't worry.


2. Obtain Credentials from your Woo-commerce Store


First, you'll have to login into your wordpress admin panel using admin credentials.

Login into Wordpress Admin Panel

After logging in, you'll be seeing a selection menu at the left of screen as shown, select Woocommerce > Settings from this list.

How to go to woocommerce settings section

After this, go to the advanced tab as shown

Go to advanced tab to configure woocommerce rest api

Now, select Rest API from options shown

Woocommerce Rest API Configuration

After this, click "Add Key" button to generate a new API Key.

Add new API Key in Woocommerce

Fill in the required details now as shown and hit "Generate API Key" button.

Generate new API Key Woocommerce

Now, copy "API Consumer Key" and "API Consumer Secret". You'll have to paste this into your Asaan Retail App.

Copy API Consumer Key and API Consumer Secret from Woocommerce API


3. Go back to your Asaan Digital Retail app


In your Asaan Digital Retail app, copy and paste the API Consumer Key and API Consumer Secret your just generated from your woocommerce store along with your URL of Woocommerce store.

Enter Woocommerce API Credentials in Asaan Retail

Click "Add" button now and you're integrated. Congratulations!

Asaan Retail Plus Your Woocommerce Store Gives you Relief



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