How to integrate your Asaan Retail App with Daraz Seller Center


1. Add a new Third Party


To add a new Third Party, click the "Parties" dropdown in left menu and select option "Add Third Party". This will take you to Third Party addition screen.

How to add a new customer in Asaan Retail

On this screen, fill in the Third Party name which will be used to identify the Third Party throughout your app. All other fields are optional.

Select Third Party Type as "Daraz" from Thirdparty Type dropdown on this screen.

Daraz Seller Center Integration with Asaan Retail Point of Sale


You'll now see three fields here which needs to be filled for successful connection. These 3 fields are Daraz Seller Center's API URL, your Daraz Seller Center Email, and API Key. The procedure to get this information is mentioned in step 2.


2. Sign in to your Daraz Seller Center to get required information for integration.


For this, first you'll have to sign in to your Daraz seller center account and go to "API Test Tool" option.

Daraz Seller Center API Test Tool

On this screen, click the show button.

Get Daraz Seller Center's API Credentials

This will reveal your API Key, which you'll need to paste on your Asaan Retail customer information. Copy and paste the following data.

How to Get API Information from Daraz Seller Center


3. Copy & Paste the information highlighted in your Asaan Retail App's Add Third Party screen.


After you've pasted your information here, press the "Test Connection" button to test your connection.

Daraz Store Integration with Point of Sale

You should get the following success message.

Successful connection with Daraz Seller Center

Now, just press "Add" button and that's it!

Congratulations, you've just integrated your Daraz store with your Asaan Retail app.


Daraz Seller Center Integration with Asaan Retail


You can now:


1. Pull Orders from Your Daraz Store(s) Directly in Asaan Retail


To manage orders of your Daraz store which you've just integrated, you just have to go to the "Import Orders" screen now and press a single button. Here's how it works.

Go to "Import Orders" option available under "Orders" dropdown in left menu.

Select the Third Party (Daraz Store) which we've just integrated.

Press Fetch button on top right corner of screen as shown.

Import orders from your Daraz Store

This'll fetch all orders from your Daraz store according to your selected order status i.e. Pending, Ready to Ship, Shipped, Delivered.

Importing orders from Daraz Seller Center

Orders are being fetched with their respective Order Numbers and Tracking Numbers. Click generate invoice to save automatically generated invoice!


2. Stock-In Products on Your Daraz Store(s)


Asaan Retail Point of Sale Software provides you with the convenience to stock-in products on your Daraz Shops in just a second. We'll show how simple it is.

First, go to stock-in products screen. This screen shows you the products which were marked as stocked-out previously and are now back in stock.

Manage Stock of Products on Daraz Seller Center with Asaan Retail

Here you can select the products you want to stock in on your Daraz Store.
Just select the products, select customer (Daraz Store), and hit API Update button.

Manage Stock on Daraz with Asaan Retail POS


3. Stock-Out Products on Your Daraz Store(s)

Marking a product as stocked-out is similar to marking it as stock-in.


4. Change Rates of Products on Your Daraz Store(s)

Changing rates of any product on your Daraz Store works similar to marking them as stock-in and stock-out.



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