Time to market is the time required for a product to reach the market. This includes the entire lifecycle of the product from the generation of the idea, to its launch in the market. The highly competitive nature of modern market demands that the companies and businesses revise their processes to increase their efficiency.  A cutthroat competition exists within the retail industry today, as competitors fight for market share and sales. Also called Speed to market (STM), this concept is, therefore, one of the chief determinants of a company’s success.

To stay ahead of competition, retailers need to adopt various strategies to speed up time to market. One of these strategies is to install the right POS system for their retail business. It can do wonders in terms of speeding business operations and shortening checkout ques. The best POS system is the one that is easy to use and implement. Modern POS systems additionally allow retailers to save customer data and create a customer database, to streamline operations and speed up transactions. Information on shopping behavior and payment preferences can aid future advertising campaigns and strengthen customer ties.

In today’s tech- based world, it is predicted that in the near future, nearly eighty percent of all the business enterprises will shift their workload to the cloud. Using cloud-based systems enhances workflow efficiency and takes away the hassle of downloading software applications, monitoring, patching and upgrading. It also leads to better utilization of IT resources for business development and innovation. Retailers are therefore, more inclined to use cloud based strategies as they create better opportunities for serving the customers.

Cloud-based systems offer the following advantages for retailers:

  • Speed to value: This allows retailers to upgrade their strategies and implement changes so as to adapt to the changing market needs.


  • Being up-to-date with the latest features and technology: It is crucial to stay at the top of the game where technology is concerned. Using cloud, the latest features and application updates become available to you as soon as they are ready. So, your staff can start using them right away!


  • Flexibility and Convenience: Cloud based systems make it easier for you to create applications and tailor them according to your needs. You can get started in no time and enable modules or components that were originally not a part of your deployment.


  • Significantly Reduced Application Costs: This is particularly important when you want to optimize budget spending. Cut down on the IT costs and redirect your resources to other areas, while simultaneously enjoying fully functional and secure business applications.


  • Optimized User Interface: As retailers you can enjoy a united front with consistent insights and information.



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