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Building a Supportive Sober Network in Recovery

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Whitaker attempted to keep her difficulties under wraps as she worked a high-profile job in health tech, but eventually it all became too much and she decided to get help. The aim of Soberish is to provide you with a variety of tools and resources to help guide you on your path. 100 Days of Change is a 100-day program that will teach you about a wide range of topics including stress management, rejecting negative beliefs about yourself, debunking common myths about alcohol, and much more. The goal of the program is to promote behavioral change through positive reinforcement, cognitive strategies, bodywork and mindfulness, and group dynamics. Having the option to do your therapy session via text, phone, or video makes scheduling infinitely easier. BetterHelp is a sponsor of Soberish and I’m so grateful for that because it has been a critical tool in my recovery journey.

  • LifeRing is free to attend, but donations are encouraged after meetings.
  • WFS aims to help women deal with addiction by minimizing negative behaviors and growing their sense of self-value, self-worth, and self-efficacy.
  • Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many traditional groups like AA have started to hold regular virtual meetings.
  • The members of your support network are people who will remain committed to helping you remain focused on your recovery goals.

Additional meetings are led by Recovery Dharma Online, a peer-led effort coordinated by members of the Recovery Dharma group. Members are there to support one another, but LifeRing trusts each person to develop their own path to recovery. By developing self-determination and trusting your Sober Self, says LifeRing, you can determine your future and how to get to your goal.

The 17 Best Online Sobriety Support Spaces

Refuge Recovery incorporates the core practices and principles of Buddhism. GRC is committed to the health and wellness of all of our clients and staff. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we have implemented new pre-screening protocols and other safety precautions while we continue to admit new clients 24/7. Our facilities remain open for treatment, we are expanding virtual services, and we remain dedicated to our clients and their recovery. It may be beneficial to try engaging with multiple groups to find what works best for you.

You can also join online accountability groups to provide additional support in between your regular support group meetings. Almost half of Americans have a family member or close friend who struggles with drug addiction. However, if you are recovering from drug addiction, this does not mean you have to progress along your recovery journey all on your own. A supportive sober network can significantly help motivate you and keep you accountable along your recovery journey.

Let’s Address the Whole ‘California Sober’ Thing and What It Actually Means

If you choose to attend the meeting, you won’t be expected to talk unless you want to. The app allows you to share your location (if you chose to share it) and helps you locate other people using the app in your area. Meetings are offered in-person (however, they have temporarily switched to video conference due to COVID-19) and are free to attend. A $2–$5 silent donation is encouraged if participants are able to give one. Meetings focus on healing in the present and don’t focus on someone’s difficult past. There is no requirement to introduce yourself as an “addict” like with some other support groups, and attendees typically talk about the week they just had.

  • However, the benefits are well worth the effort involved in stepping outside your personal comfort zone.
  • With Loosid, you can find new sober friends and even a sober significant other, as well as discover sober events, destinations and groups near you.
  • Like Tempest, Hello Sunday Morning recognizes that you don’t need to have a clinical addiction in order to change your drinking habits.
  • Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) has been a mainstay among many people recovering from AUD.

The goal of the program is to promote abstinence from alcohol and other substances through positive lifestyle changes. It’s designed to empower individuals and transform lives from self-destructive to positive, constructive, and enjoyable. Sobriety support groups are beneficial if you struggle with alcoholism in the long-term or are concerned about relapse prevention. Research sober network properties has shown that support groups and 12-step programs are effective for increasing alcohol abstinence and may even be more effective than other treatments, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy. A 2008 study also showed evidence that a peer-support community focused on self-determination can have a significant positive impact on recovery from substance addictions.

Creating Lasting Connections In Your Sober Network

Bespoke bars with elaborate mocktail menus provide the “going out” vibe without the alcohol and antics. Check out Sober Outside or Bigger Life Adventures for different sober vacation options. It’s a great opportunity to see new places without the pressure to drink. Meetup is a great way to get out there and connect with other adults looking to make new social or professional connections. Search for different fitness programs, clubs, and groups in your area, see what interests you, and give it a shot. That can be a lonely experience during one of the most challenging and vulnerable periods of a person’s life.

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Give it time and rely on your support systems online and in real life to provide positive social interactions while you figure out this whole sober friends thing. The best sobriety support groups were chosen based on the history of the company or organization, the variety of resources offered, accessibility to the general public, and focus on a niche aspect of sobriety support. When choosing a sobriety group, it’s best to consider the specific needs you are looking to address. While Loosid and Club Soda are more geared toward socializing, LifeRing and Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) are focused on recovery.

In fact, if you’re not currently married or in a long-term relationship, it’s best to avoid starting any new romantic relationship for at least one year. Getting sober is a major life change and you need to focus on learning what type of person you want to become before you commit to an intimate relationship. Although online interactions shouldn’t replace in-person communication, online support can prove to be helpful in many circumstances. For example, social media can help you stay in touch with friends and family who live far away and can’t meet face to face on a regular basis.

Sober Mom Squad is a paid membership site dedicated to supporting sober moms juggle the weight of parenting and sobriety. Their offerings range from daily virtual meetups to a private forum, resource library, coaching, and webinars. Talk therapy gives you the one-on-one attention that you can’t get from meetings. It’s helpful to have someone on your team, who understands your background and is trained to help you navigate whatever you’re going through. Once you’re matched with someone, the app offers a local listing of date spots that serve mocktails or places that are alcohol-free.

Chances are that you were introduced to the concept of recovery groups and may have even joined a group prior to graduating from your treatment program. Recovery groups provide environments in which you may connect with other people who are in recovery. Some group members are more experienced and have completed rehab many years ago while others are more recent graduates from a drug or alcohol treatment program. When you are new to recovery, you may find it challenging to determine who would be a good fit for your support network. Begin by creating a list of personal traits individuals who support your recovery should possess.


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