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5 Tips to Effectively Manage the Daraz Seller Center

5 Tips to Effectively Manage the Daraz Seller Center

E-commerce in Pakistan growing exponentially, you need these useful tips to effectively manage your ratings on the Daraz Seller Center.

Daraz is one of the most popular e-commerce stores in Pakistan. After its acquisition by the Alibaba group, Daraz became the top choice for small, medium-sized, and large businesses to reach potential audiences. The Daraz seller center is a feature that allows sellers to register and manage their orders.

Managing the Daraz Seller Center with Omni-channel Presence

An omnichannel presence is a key to succeeding in the e-commerce world, where competition is staggeringly high.  Apart from being a Daraz seller, if you also run your store through Shopify or WooCommerce, it can be a hassle to manage all the platforms effectively.

The performance card, operations details, promotional participation are all elements of the Daraz seller account. With Daraz having strict criteria for sellers, it is crucial to managing your orders efficiently, so you don’t get delisted from the platform and lose out on potential customers.

Here are five tips to help you effectively manage the Daraz Seller Account to meet the Daraz Seller Center’s criteria and deliver a customer experience that adds value to your brand.

1) Manage your Inventory

‘Seller Picks’ is a criterion that requires you to attain at least 60% of the seller rating. Your products are featured on the bottom of the first page of relevant search results in case you do. It adds credibility to your products and increases your sales.

A good rating also assures that you get approval to participate in sales, which increases the sales volume to a great deal.

The ratings are dependent on other scores such as the cancellation rate, timely shipping, return rate, and product rating. Daraz allows just up to a 4-5% cancellation rate, after which your store is delisted from Daraz. If you can manage your inventory, you don’t have to cancel orders because of a shortage, nor will you lag on the shipping time.

Also, you can choose the fulfillment by Daraz option to assure that you have stocked your inventory at the Daraz warehouse, so the purchaser receives the parcel within 24 hours. In the e-commerce business, you must know how delivery times are a factor that adds to your competitiveness. This, in turn, is bound to positively affect your product ratings too.

Effective inventory management

2) Managerial Capability in Daraz Sales


When you go to the Daraz seller login, upcoming sales notifications cannot be overlooked. Daraz flash deals, discounts, and special sales such as the 11.11 and the 12.12 sales are aggressively advertised on all media forms. As a result, Daraz sales get a lot of traffic, which means greater sales volume for those participating in them.

However, one tip to effectively sell on Daraz through these sales is making sure that you have the managerial capacity to manage these orders. High sales volume means a greater chance of errors too. Therefore, this is the time that can make or break your brand. Any bad reviews during these sales might topple the reputation that you have established previously.

Great customer service during sale participation also increases your brand value, therefore, assuring that you attain greater performance levels all year round.

Online shopping in sales

3) Customer Feedback is the Six Sigma Key

In an online shopping platform such as Daraz, the competition is quite high. To increase your brand value in an intensely competitive environment, it is great to adopt a Six Sigma practice. It means that each sale should be better than the previous one.

The only way to achieve this is by following customer feedback. User-generated content, opinion, and suggestions offer an insight into what the target audience wants and how you can enhance your products, services, and processes to best meet the customer criteria.

This will not only help you increase your seller rating on the seller centre Daraz but also increase the customer loyalty that can be cashed outside of Daraz.

E-commerce businesses do not only build on the sales platforms but establish enough brand value to increase traffic on their website. This helps in generating an organic customer base and stay on top of the customer’s mind.

Customer feedback is key

4) Work on Customer Service

Much like your website or brick-and-mortar store, Daraz is a platform where your mere presence is not enough to benefit from it. While the Daraz processes are a big part of the customer experience, you can manage the customer service to add points to your seller and product ratings.

Daraz, like several other platforms, is a way to connect with the customer directly. While Daraz is managing deliveries, there might be times that the customer experience is not good. In this case, communicating with the customer as well as responding to their bad reviews is a great way to show potential customers that you care about the customer. It will also keep from impacting your image in the view of the affected customer.

In this way, businesses can also deal with customer queries promptly assuring that the customer is satisfied, and the conversion rate is good. It will also establish accurate customer expectations, so the return rates are not high. Daraz delists sellers with high return rates, so it is better to be cautious in managing your customers rather than earn a bad repute.

5) Consolidate your E-commerce Stores

You are well aware how hard it can be to effectively manage the Daraz Seller Center while keeping in view different factors such as cancellation rates, seller ratings, customer feedback, and customer service. At the same time, it is quite important to have a strong online presence in this era of competitive retailing. This is only possible through multi-channel presence, though managing them all together can be a challenge.

In this case, services like Asaan Retail offer a simple solution: consolidating and managing your e-commerce channels from a single platform. It not only allows you to manage your inventory on different channels simultaneously but also simplifies accounting for sales on multiple channels.

Consolidating e-commerce channels

Learn more about how you can integrate your Daraz Store with Asaan Retail in 3 simple steps and manage your orders, inventory, change rates, and handle customer complaints from Daraz, Shopify stores, and WooCommerce altogether.

Asaan Retail also offers a FREE 15-day trial, so you can forget the hassle of managing your Daraz Seller Center, website, and other channels and focus on growing your business!


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Kamil Riaz Kara

Kamil Riaz Kara is an SEO Specialist by profession and a vlogger associated with Digital Marketing since 2015. He has completed his Masters in Administrative Science from the University of Karachi. As a writer, he has written numerous articles on Technology, Marketing and SEO.

Kamil Riaz Kara

Kamil Riaz Kara is an SEO Specialist by profession and a vlogger associated with Digital Marketing since 2015. He has completed his Masters in Administrative Science from the University of Karachi. As a writer, he has written numerous articles on Technology, Marketing and SEO.